A History of Excellence

With over twenty years of experience, King Precision is a leader in the field of semiconductor, heaters, and magnets. We manufacture, refurbish, and repair. King Precision delivers a quality product, and guarantees all assemblies are supplied with OEM comparable warranties. Founded in 1995, King Precision has been a supplier for many industry leaders. King Precision offers a variety of services including: 

  • Precision machining

  • Full service welding and leak test

  • Assembly

  • Comprehensive testing

  • Full engineering support

  • Prototype development

Over the years we have developed high quality heater and magnet replacement parts. We refurbish semiconductor heater and magnet components. We accomplish our mission of world class customer service through on-time deliveries and quality products that meet your specifications. We continue to produce a product that is affordable and allows our customers to be competitive in today’s economic market. King Precision gives chipmakers the option to refurbish an existing heater or magnet offering savings without compromising quality or performance.